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 Original SEO Content Writing Service

 I create and write original SEO web marketing content, blog posts, online articles, product descriptions, static web page text, landing pages, e-books, white papers and more. There are an infinite number of topics I’ve written about, including:

Advertising & Marketing Digital Marketing Business
Social Media Education Travel
Real Estate Property Management Photography
Interior Design Landscaping Architecture
Building & Construction Banking & Finance Gaming
Motivational Mindfulness Psychology
Sociology Biographical Science
Relationships Marriage Parenting
Adoption Legal Policing
Security Systems News & Politics Nutrition
Event Planning Health & Fitness Medical
Camping Cooking Dog Training
Fashion Trends Weddings
Gardening Spirituality Sports
Beauty Anti-aging Cosmetics
Manufacturing Sustainability Environment
Infertility Treatments Dental Procedures Pet Care
Astrology Jewelry Crystals


Article Writing Service

Successful online businesses understand the importance of professionally written articles in building a following. By publishing articles that inform your audience, you build credibility and set yourself apart as a leader in your industry. A highly skilled article writer will reach your audience by speaking their language on topics that are most relevant to them.

Blog Writing Service

Entertaining, informative and persuasive blogs incorporating your keywords posted on a regular basis will help your website stay at the top in rankings on Google. Writing high quality blogs takes skill, good command of the English language and SEO knowledge. To be effective, blogs must have eye-catching titles, be well written, offer how-to tips and answers to problems.

Product Descriptions

Showing a glowing photo of your product alongside its name is never enough! How does this product benefit them? How is it used? What makes this product better than other similar ones? What is it made of? Do you offer a money-back guarantee?

A professionally written product description will provide these answers while getting the customer to imagine using the product. These are the ingredients that can lead them to purchase. A good product description is simple, informative and enjoyable to read. Consumers are turned off by a lot of fluff. They want specifics. A clever title, bullet points, great images and a persuasive message can mean the difference between a sale and the customer going elsewhere.

Rewrite Existing Content for SEO

I will rewrite and tighten up your web pages, online articles, blog posts, product descriptions, e-book, manual, guide, white paper, etc. to read in perfect English. If you find content elsewhere that you like and want it rewritten to create original content to use as your own, let me help.

I am a California born native English speaker who will rewrite every sentence word-for-word. Your information and messagewill be conveyed accurately and flow perfectly, while maintaining your own “voice.”

Proofread & Editing Service

The fastest way to lose credibility is to make mistakes in spelling and grammar when writing. Don’t risk it. Make sure that your web pages, articles, blog posts, product descriptions, manuals, e-books, letters and documents arewell written in perfect English.

If you have trouble expressing yourself in writing, I can help. I will proofread, edit and revise what you’ve written so that your message is conveyed accurately in the tone and manner you intended. I am very detail minded and will ensure that the results are something you can be proud of.

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